The Ibiza playlist – a brief history

Ibiza 2015, Ibiza 2016.. Ibiza 2020, Ibiza 2021 and for sure Ibiza 2022. Simon Field´s Ibiza playlist is approaching 500.000 followers on Spotify. It is still keeps being one of the most important house playlists on the platform.

Listen here https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4PFT2iFEAmJVAKyS9t0toN

Through the years this playlist has been fundamental for breakthrough of artists. Songs like CamelPhat Cola, Shouse Love Tonight, John Summit Deep End, Joel Corry Sorry, Meduza Piece of Your Heart and many many more have been featured early. Simon also has done an all to important job in lifting classic tracks back up to the surface giving them new life.

Ibiza playlist back in 2015

The Ibiza playlist started back in 2015. “I wanted to build a record shelf where I could see my own records. I also have a huge heart for Ibiza having played there many times as well as been there as tourist, I though IBIZA would be the perfect name for the playlist” Simon explains.

The updated playlist cover 2020.

Ibiza – the brand

During pandemic Simon spent time rebranding the playlist after 6 years of using the same artwork style. The new playlist cover also contains Simon´s artist logo indicating how close the 2 brands are connected.

Listen to the Ibiza playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4PFT2iFEAmJVAKyS9t0toN

The IBIZA playlist on Spotify has been a number source of house music discovery for thousands og people. Solid curation by SimonFieldMusic has kept it relevant through the years and continues to do so. Coming up to 500.000 followers IBIZA 2021 is a solid statement of his passion for house music!

Ibiza 2022

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Listen to the Ibiza playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4PFT2iFEAmJVAKyS9t0toN

Ibiza house, deep house, tech house

Genres covered in the playlist is a wide range of house music – from deep house to melodic tech for classic house. The chart below is data from Chartmetric based on metadata of the current selection.

Genres breakdown on the Ibiza playlist

Ibiza 2016 – time travel

The earliest track record saved is from 2016. See if this brings back memories:

Time travel – top tracks on Ibiza 2016 playlist.

See track lists from more years on this post on Facebook.com/SimonFieldMusic

Ibiza playlist – statistics

Established: 2015
Curator: Simon Field
Number of followers: 463K (Dec 5, 2021)
Current number of tracks: 99
Current top tracks: Shouse, Vintage Culture “Love Tonight”, John Summet “Deep End”, Fred Again + The Blessed Madonna “Marea (We Lost Dancing)”

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