Vibe Like That – BBC R1 Dance Anthems

Simon Field

BBC R1 Dance Anthems playing Vibe Like That.

Been some amazing days for our track “Vibe Like That”, getting support on BBC Radio 1 – Party Anthems along with up´ed support on Apple Music. Also the track´s been flying up the Shazam Charts in UK and Norway… along with the continuous number of DJ´s playing… ohh to top it all up close to 3M views on TikTok.

Thank you all for listening and sharing. It means alot.

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BASMENT SESSION #1 – Simon Field

Basement Session #1 is up on Youtube. Watch the full set here or on my youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe to my channel.


  • Simon Field Basement
  • Braydon Terzo, Gio Lucca The Rhythm
  • Simon Field Drippin’
  • Simon Field Need No Music
  • Alterboy, Thorn Everybody
  • Saison Addiction
  • Franky Rizardo Taking Me Higher
  • Simon Field Callin´
  • Otistic This Is Funky
  • EchoStorms Hallucination
  • Simon Field Diamond
  • Sllash & Doppe Bumpty
  • Amy Lauren & Bauti Tesei Tonight
  • Phella Phreak Phonk
  • Simon Field, James Hurr, Georgia Meek Vibe Like That


Tech House, Funky Tech House, Deep House, House

James Hurr & Simon Field releases funky tech house banger Vibe Like That featuring Georgia Meek

f you’re a fan of tech house music, then you need to check out James Hurr and Simon Field’s latest release, “Vibe Like That,” featuring the soulful vocals of Georgia Meek. This funky tech house track is sure to get you grooving and feeling the beat.

The track opens with a catchy bassline and rhythmic percussion, immediately setting the tone for the funky vibes to come. Georgia Meek’s smooth vocals enter the mix, adding a layer of soulfulness and depth to the track. Her voice seamlessly blends with the beat, creating a cohesive and danceable sound.

Vibe Like That – an instant Funky Tech House banger!

As the track progresses, the playful synth melodies come in, adding more energy and excitement to the mix. The dynamic range of the instruments keeps the track interesting and engaging throughout its entirety.

One of the standout features of “Vibe Like That” is its ability to create a party atmosphere. This track would be perfect for a night out at a club or a festival, as it has a contagious energy that is sure to get people dancing and feeling good.

Get Vibe Like That” here..

Overall, James Hurr and Simon Field’s “Vibe Like That” featuring Georgia Meek is a must-listen for fans of tech house music. Its funky beats, soulful vocals, and playful instrumentation make it a standout track that is sure to get stuck in your head and keep you dancing. So turn up the volume, let loose, and vibe like that.

Vibe Like That, releases on Perfect Havoc Friday March 10th.

10 Iconic Underground House Records from the 90s: Exploring the House Music Scene in New York and London

inspired by the underground house scene in the 90s, Basement Records and Basement Sessions became renowned for their cutting-edge mix of soulful vocals, deep basslines, and infectious beats. Here are 20 underground house records from the 90s that describe the house scene in New York and London.

Masters At Work – “The Ha Dance”

This track by Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez and Louie Vega of Masters At Work features a classic house beat and a catchy vocal sample. With its jazzy sound and Latin percussion, it became an instant club classic and a favorite at New York’s Sound Factory.

Kerri Chandler – “Atmosphere”

Known as the “King of House Music,” Kerri Chandler’s “Atmosphere” is a deep and soulful track with lush chord progressions and a hypnotic bassline. It’s a perfect example of the “deep house” genre that became popular in the underground club scene in London.

Lil Louis – “French Kiss”

Considered one of the most iconic tracks in house music history, Lil Louis’ “French Kiss” features a seductive vocal sample and a pulsing synth bassline that became instantly recognizable. It was a staple at clubs like New York’s Paradise Garage and London’s Ministry of Sound.

Armand Van Helden – “The Funk Phenomena”

Armand Van Helden’s “The Funk Phenomena” is a high-energy track with a funky bassline and samples from James Brown and Public Enemy. It became a hit in both New York and London and solidified Van Helden’s status as a leading figure in the house music scene.

Todd Terry – “Jumpin'”

With its infectious beat and catchy vocal sample, Todd Terry’s “Jumpin'” was a crowd favorite at New York’s Tunnel and London’s Ministry of Sound. Terry’s signature “hard house” style influenced many other producers in the scene.

DJ Sneak – “You Can’t Hide From Your Bud”

DJ Sneak’s “You Can’t Hide From Your Bud” is a funky and playful track with a catchy vocal sample and a deep bassline. It became a staple at Chicago’s Warehouse club and was later popularized in the UK by DJs like Sasha and John Digweed.

DJ Pierre – “Muzik Set You Free”

DJ Pierre’s “Muzik Set You Free” features a sample from First Choice’s “Let No Man Put Asunder” and a driving house beat. It was a favorite at New York’s Club Shelter and helped define the “acid house” genre.

Robert Owens – “I’ll Be Your Friend”

With its soulful vocals and uplifting lyrics, Robert Owens’ “I’ll Be Your Friend” became an anthem of the house music scene in the 90s. It was a staple at clubs like New York’s Palladium and London’s Ministry of Sound.

Frankie Knuckles – “Tears

As one of the pioneers of house music, Frankie Knuckles’ “Tears” is a classic track with a soulful vocal performance by Robert Owens. It became an instant hit at Chicago’s Warehouse and New York’s Sound Factory.

Ten City – “That’s The Way Love Is”

Ten City’s “That’s The Way Love Is” features a powerful vocal performance by Byron Stingily and a catchy piano riff. It became a club favorite in both New York and London and helped define the “garage house” sound.

Funky tech house

There are many talented funky tech house producers, and it can be difficult to determine who the “most important” ones are. However, here are a few artists who are well-regarded in the genre:

Green Velvet – a Chicago-based DJ and producer known for his unique blend of house and techno music, including funky tech house tracks like “Flash” and “La La Land”.

Patrick Topping – a British DJ and producer who has gained popularity for his energetic and catchy tech house tracks, including “Be Sharp Say Nowt” and “Forget”.

Solardo – a UK-based duo known for their high-energy tech house tracks, including “Tribesmen” and “Be Somebody”.

Jamie Jones – a Welsh DJ and producer who is known for his genre-bending tracks that often incorporate elements of tech house, house, and techno, including “Hungry for the Power” and “Summertime”.

Claude VonStroke – a California-based producer and head of the Dirtybird record label, who has been a driving force in the funky tech house scene for many years. Some of his popular tracks include “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?” and “The Whistler”.

Again, there are many other talented artists in this genre, and opinions about who is “most important” can vary widely.

Here a playlist combing Funky Tech House and Jackin House

Gack Gack (Get Down) Basement Records

Simon Field’s latest release “Gack Gack” is a testament to his skill as a producer, with a sound that merges classic house and funky house elements. From the get-go, the track hooks you in with its bouncy, jackin house beat and playful sample which is reminiscent of classic Chicago house tracks.

However, “Gack Gack” isn’t content to just rest on the laurels of classic house. The track also incorporates elements of funky house, with funky basslines and syncopated percussion that bring a fresh and modern edge to the track.

The production on “Gack Gack” is slick and polished, with a clean and punchy mix that allows every element of the track to shine. The use of vocal samples, such as the pitched-down “woop” that pops up throughout the track, adds a playful and fun touch to the overall vibe.

Overall, “Gack Gack” is a track that seamlessly merges classic house and funky house elements to create a fresh and energetic sound. Simon Field has once again shown his prowess as a producer, deftly blending old-school sounds with modern production techniques. If you’re a fan of classic house, funky house, or just love to dance, “Gack Gack” is a track that is not to be missed.

Jacking house reborn

Simon Field is a rising star in the world of house music, known for his energetic and innovative productions. While his sound is undoubtedly fresh and modern, it’s also clear that Field draws inspiration from classic house producers who helped shape the genre.

One of the most notable comparisons that can be made is to Chicago house legend, Marshall Jefferson. Jefferson’s use of soulful samples and uplifting piano chords can be heard in many of Field’s tracks, particularly his early releases like “Hold On” and “La La La”. Field takes these classic elements and infuses them with his own unique sound, resulting in tracks that are both nostalgic and fresh.

Another classic house producer that Simon Field can be compared to is Todd Terry. Terry’s ability to blend hip-hop, funk, and house music into his productions is mirrored in Field’s eclectic sound. Tracks like “Sirens” and “Shade” feature elements of deep house, techno, and disco, all seamlessly blended into a cohesive and energetic whole.

Perhaps one of the most notable comparisons that can be made between Simon Field and classic house producers is his ability to create tracks that are both accessible and innovative. Much like Frankie Knuckles, Field has a knack for crafting tracks that are infectious and danceable, while still pushing the boundaries of what house music can be.

Overall, while Simon Field’s sound is undeniably modern, it’s clear that he draws inspiration from classic house producers who helped lay the groundwork for the genre. By blending old-school elements with his own unique style, Field has carved out a place for himself in the house music scene, and is sure to continue making waves in the years to come.

Simon Field – Out of The Blue ft. The Endorphins (2023 version)

A full rework of my 2018 release on Perfect Havoc (UK). The amazing Endorphins vocals has gotten a brand new home and will for sure be part of my live set this season.

A clever blending of house genres from funky tech house, jackin´ house, tribal house, tech house, vocal house, Latin tech, deep funk house, soulful house, garage, UK house, house and deep house. Inspired by artists such as Ferreck Dawn to David Penn, Junior Jack, Todd Terry, Low Steppa, WEISS, Offaiah and Mark Knight

SEEB Drink About ft. Dagny (Simon Field remix)

Simon Field is back with a huge remix of SEEB´s track Drink About featuring Norwegian singer and artist Dagny.

SEEB most famous for the Mike Posner remix of Took A Pill In Ibiza that was hitting the global streaming charts on Spotify world wide.

SEEB Drink About ft. Dagny (Simon Field remix)
SEEB Drink About ft. Dagny (Simon Field remix)

Ibiza underground 2023

Ibiza Underground

In honour of the amazing underground scene at the white island at places like DC10, Circo Loco etc, here´s a brand new playlist that captures the vibe of these places and the DJ´s working there.

Genres in the playlist are Tribal Tech House, Hypnotic Afro House, Balearic Beats, Sunset & Sunrise Music, Deep – Shamanic, Percussive. Artists such as Sa Trincha, DJ Gee of Bora Bora, Carl Cox, Tania Vulcano, Silicone Soul and more