Monojack, hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Norway, is a rising star in the world of electronic music. Known for her unique blend of melodic techno, she’s captivating audiences with her mesmerizing soundscapes and infectious beats. With a background from a musical family and a passion for electronic sounds, Monojack crafts a sonic experience that’s both emotionally resonant and dancefloor-ready.

Having burst onto the scene with releases like Roda (5M Streams), Monojack has quickly become a prominent figure in the melodic techno. Her music is a journey through the depths of sound, drawing listeners into a world where melodies intertwine with pulsating rhythms, creating an atmosphere that’s impossible to resist.

Monojack’s performances are nothing short of electrifying. Her DJ sets are a masterful fusion of cutting-edge production and artistry, creating an immersive experience for her audience. With a growing fan base and a string of successful shows across the worlds, she’s rapidly establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene.


Monojack’s discography includes a range of standout tracks that have left an indelible mark. Some live highlights:

Residencies: Jæger, The Villa and Skaugum Oslo
Rave The Planet 2023 – Berlin

Notable releases include:

  • Dean Mikosky, Idd Aziz “MaMirenza” Monojack remix (2023)
  • Simon Field “Where Are You Now” Monojack remix (2022)
  • Monojack, Fritz Kølner “Laufen” (2022)
  • Monojack “Laufen” (2021)

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