Funky tech house

There are many talented funky tech house producers, and it can be difficult to determine who the “most important” ones are. However, here are a few artists who are well-regarded in the genre:

Green Velvet – a Chicago-based DJ and producer known for his unique blend of house and techno music, including funky tech house tracks like “Flash” and “La La Land”.

Patrick Topping – a British DJ and producer who has gained popularity for his energetic and catchy tech house tracks, including “Be Sharp Say Nowt” and “Forget”.

Solardo – a UK-based duo known for their high-energy tech house tracks, including “Tribesmen” and “Be Somebody”.

Jamie Jones – a Welsh DJ and producer who is known for his genre-bending tracks that often incorporate elements of tech house, house, and techno, including “Hungry for the Power” and “Summertime”.

Claude VonStroke – a California-based producer and head of the Dirtybird record label, who has been a driving force in the funky tech house scene for many years. Some of his popular tracks include “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?” and “The Whistler”.

Again, there are many other talented artists in this genre, and opinions about who is “most important” can vary widely.

Here a playlist combing Funky Tech House and Jackin House