11 best beach clubs – Ibiza 2022

There are so many great beach clubs on Ibiza for daytime clubbing, its virtually impossible to recommend one single beach club. Here are some of my favourites beach clubs with a slight biased focus on the music. This article will be updated.

Café del Mar

The original and probably best known places on the island. A classic place with amazing chill music. Among the resident DJ´s are Ken Fan who you really should go and check out on Spotify. Probably one of the most famous sunsets in the world.

Balearic music history still in the making – listen up on the Café del Mar playlist on Spotify

Café del Mar – Ibiza

Café Mambo

THE place for Balearic music. This is probably where you are most likely to hear at least one classic house tune every hour. The list of famous DJs visiting the decks on this legendary place is unreal. Literally every named DJ has played here. Café Mambo Ibiza got their own profile on Spotify. You´ll find Café Mambo just next door to Café del Mar.

Make sure you know the Ibiza Classics before visiting to hear the DJs takes on the amazing musical catalog. And of course liten up on current Ibiza tracks here..

Café Mambo – Ibiza


Alma Beach

Amazing place for music – both night-time and daytime. Among my favourite DJs to resident here are Pablo Fuero. The kind of sounds you´ll hear at Alma Beach is very much the nomadic sound of international ethnic inspired house. Check out my Nomade playlist for a taste…

Alma Beach – Ibiza


Nassau Beach Club

A classic Ibiza lounge place with amazing food and music. Want to highlight what DJs like Alex Kentucky has done for this place both in terms of DJing but also curation of the yearly compilation release.

Exhilarating entertainment and themed nights.

Striking the perfect balance between barefoot-chic and glitz and glamour, Nassau has become the beach club of choice for Ibiza’s in-crowd. It has a range of amenities on offer, so you will surely find something to suit everyone in your charter party, and it’s conveniently located on one of Ibiza’s buzziest beaches,  Playa d’en Bossa. 

Nassau Beach Club – Ibiza


Cotton Beach Club

Cotton Beach Ibiza is a really unique place both in terms of music but also food, music and location. Dont be surprised to find live band here or a combination of DJs and percussion.

Celebrity spotting and an extensive wine-list

With your yacht anchored in the bay, Cotton Beach Club’s exclusive tender service will bring you directly to the soft, white shore, where you can relax in a private gazebo or lounge on a daybed. From the beach, a flight of stairs leads you up to the popular terrace restaurant which enjoys spectacular views over the Balearic Sea.

Cotton Beach – Ibiza


Blue Marlin

Amazing place for music. Blue Marlin also got their own playlist curated by their own resident DJ. Blue Marin Ibiza Spotify Playlist. Blue Marlin is also a great place for night time outdoor clubbing with amazing DJs.

The Ibiza club experience in a beach party setting!

One of the hottest party destinations in Ibiza, Blue Marlin is popular during the day and into evening. The venue is a great place to take a swim, enjoy a light lunch or wind down with a relaxing massage from one of the club’s resident massage therapists. When the sun goes down, you can expect DJs and dancing.

Blue Marlin – Ibiza


Make sure to follow Ibiza 2022 playlist on Spotify for a perfect Ibiza beach vibe.

Nikki Beach

High energy at all hours and a spacious pool!

Nikki Beach offers its signature style and exclusive charm at its Santa Eulalia beach venue. Always a top DJ on guard spinning house, deep house, tech house and lounge.

Nikki Beach – Ibiza


Beso Beach

Beaso Beach – Ibiza


Beachouse Ibiza

Morning yoga sessions and healthy menu options

You can begin your day at Beachouse with an early morning yoga session on the sand. Afterwards, enjoy a healthy breakfast before flopping onto a sunlounger and drinking in the Balearic sunshine. 

Beachouse – Ibiza


O Beach

Daytime clubbing at the heart of San Antonio. Music ranges from house to pop. Also includes live musicians. Party all day with a relatively young audience.

O Beach – Ibiza



Apart from being one of the biggest venues on the island, the Ushuia beach club is also a great place to chill out with great music and resident DJ´s

Ushuia Beach Club – Ibiza


Amante Ibiza

Secluded location and Tuesday movie nights!

The rustic setting of Amante, set on beautiful Sol D’en Serra Bay, is hard to beat if you’re looking for a chilled-out atmosphere where you can escape the crowds. Tucked into an idyllic little cove, Amante has a more secluded feel than other beach clubs which lends itself perfectly to lazy days that turn into unhurried evenings. 

Amante Ibiza


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